I am fascinated by the infinities energies latent in every atom in the universe as well as in every one’s mind.
Sometimes my sculptures look like snapshots of a developing matter where the equilibrium can be easily disturbed in any moment or can be emulated. I believe this is the way we walk in this world.


"Relative Velocity", wood, 6' x 6' x 8' ea. (The New York Times ,Sunday, October 29, 2006 Benjamin Genocchio art review.)


Modular elements are joined together in a sequence which suggests the unstoppable movement of matter.
It also alludes to the passage of time we can witness but we can't stop from rolling.
Our existence is expendable but repetitive in its essence.



System Variant XII, projected size, 20'W x 20'D x 8'H / System Variant XIII,projected size, 24W x 8D' x 8'H

"True to its title, Nicolae Golici's" Growing Up IV" seems to sprout directly from the lown, with ith roots exposed like those of cypress trees in a swamp. the rough lumber structure of angular 4-by-4 is remarkably organic, sugesting a network of interconnected living plants." (Helen Harrison, The New York Times, Sunday, June 9, 2002)


"Growing Up IV", wood, metal,14' x 9' x 4'